5 Best Free Cloud Storage (Online Storage) Providers in 2022

Best Free Cloud Storage Providers

Nowadays, cloud storage or online storage services are quite popular to store files and a great solution for sharing files with friends and families or with any others. There are several free and premium online cloud storage services available. Every service has different features, different storage capacities, different speeds, etc. On this blog, we are sharing 5 best free cloud storage services that currently popular in the field of cloud storage service due to their reliable and secure free online storage and ad-free clean interface.

What is Cloud Storage:

Simply, cloud storage or online storage means storing computer data in a remote server that is accessible from any device through the internet by anyone who has the right to access the data. Cloud storage allows users to back up their digital data to the remote server and also allows to restores or share that data at any time. Most of the popular cloud storage services are free to use with some limitations. But the user can pay to get some additional features like more storage, speed, security, etc. Here are the 5 Best Free Cloud Storage service providers that offer some very important features and trusted online file storing service.

Best Free Cloud Storage Providers:

Google Drive:

Google Drive free cloud storage

Google Drive is a widely known best free cloud storage service of Google. It provides users a 15 GB lifetime free Google server space to store photos, videos, documents, applications, archives, and anything that is in your computer hard drive. Google Drive has several essential features that allow its users to work efficiently, such as:

  • Creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, or presentations with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps.
  • You can connect more than 100 apps developed for work on Google Drive that help you to work more and easily with your stuff.
  • Automatically sync and back up your data through a Google account across all your device including PC, Mobile and Tablet.
  • Secure data storage allows your files to be accessed from other devices, even if you have lost your phone or PC.
  • Upload huge files to Drive, which is not possible to send over an email and share its links via mail.
  • Easily accessible through both the web browser and Google Drive application. The Google Drive app is available for all the platforms like Windows computer, Mac computer, Android, iPhone, etc.

The basic free storage space of Google Drive is 15 GB that comes with every Google Account, but one can upgrade the space up to 30 TB by paying $299.99 per month. There are several other small and medium paid subscription packages available.

Visit and Signup for Google Drive:


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Best free cloud storage Dropbox

The Dropbox is another best free storage service that offers 2 GB online storage for a basic, which can be extended by buying a paid subscription plan. But, Dropbox lets you add additional free storage up to 18 GB to your account for a lifetime by referring it to your friends and family and also by following and sharing Dropbox on Social Media. This is one of the best advantages of Dropbox free account.

  • It also lets users create and edit their work directly in Dropbox including cloud content and Microsoft Office files.
  • Like Google Drive, The files in Dropbox are also accessible from any device like Smartphones or PC or Tablets. If the user makes any changes, it will sync across his account. It also has a multi-platform application.
  • Dropbox keeps all your files safe with powerful online cloud storage. It also allows the free account holder to restore accidentally deleted files within 30 days.
  • Another best feature of Dropbox is that it allows creating hot links (one-click direct download link) of your files stored on it and anyone who has that link can download that file directly. Only a few best free cloud storage services have this unique feature.

You can download the Dropbox app and create your free account using the below link.

Download the Dropbox application free



pCloud free cloud storage

pCloud is one of the best free cloud storage systems that gives up to 10 GB of free cloud space for its free account holders, which can be extended by sharing and referring pCloud. It is a widely popular cloud storage service and one of the main competitors of Dropbox. Like Dropbox, it also allows users to back up and sync their files across their devices.

If you install its client application, it works as a virtual hard drive on your computer and allows you to store, access, manage, and sync your files easily in the cloud. You directly open the virtual disk and download any folder for offline access. Like other best free cloud storage services, you can also use pCloud to store and share links of your files with others.

pCloud has built-in multimedia playback features to play the videos and audio files stored on it. Users can play the uploaded video in the application or its website online without download the video.

Another best feature of pCloud is that it lets users upload files in it from the web. A user can upload files from any remote storage to his pCloud account without download the file in his PC. It saves time as well as bandwidth.

Get your free pCloud account with 10 GB storage here.


Microsoft OneDrive:

OneDrive cloud storage by Microsoft

OneDrive is another best free cloud storage service that initially provides 5GB of space on its server to everyone for free when they signup. It is a product of Microsoft and was formerly knows as Skydrive. OneDrive is a leading and very popular cloud file sharing platform in the market. Like the other services mentioned above,

OneDrive also allows users to store, share, and sync all kinds of files and data in its cloud server lets access them from anywhere and any device. It lets users store their personal and important files in a secure folder called Personal Vault. The Personal Vault is protected with an extra layer of security protection and it has some security features like two-step verification, automatically locks if stays inactive for 20 minutes, etc.

The PC folder backup feature of OneDrive syncs your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders on your Windows PC to your OneDrive cloud storage automatically and lets you access your files and folders from any device.

Visit the Microsoft OneDrive website here.



Box free cloud storage service

The Box cloud file hosting service is quite similar to Dropbox. The Box is one of the most popular best free cloud storage providers that offer a simple but reliable free file hosting service which is much better than several other free cloud storage providers.

The free plan of Box provides 10 GB free online space to everyone on signup, which is quite sufficient to store their personal or any official data and files. Like other best free cloud storage services, Box also provides all the required features like upload, sync, share, download, recover deleted files, multi-platform client app, and several others.

Box free account has several important features like create new document files, sheets, or presentations directly in the Box window using the Office app or Google Doc, Slides, or Google Sheet, that already present in the Box. You can also edit the existing files easily.

Signup for Box free account here.

There are several other free cloud service providers available. Among those, we have picked these 5 best free cloud storage providers due to their powerful features, simple and easy to use interface, free space, and reliability. We have used several cloud storage services for different purposes and hence chose the 5 best free cloud storage services for you. Hope you get benefited from using these free cloud storage services.

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