8 Creative and Interesting Use of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world for PC and Android platforms. It is quite popular due to its comprehensive features. We all know that Google Chrome is a perfect web browser application to surf the internet or browse any website. But besides these basic features, Google Chrome has several other interesting features that will help you to do different tasks on the Chrome browser without using another application. In this article, we are writing some interesting use of Google Chrome browser, which will make you love this popular web browser even more.

Interesting Use of Google Chrome


What is Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is a multi-platform web browser developed by Google and was first released in 2008. In the beginning, it was initially designed only for the Windows operating system and later it was also ported to other popular operating systems like Mac OS, Android, Linux, etc. It built using open-source Chromium source codes, which make Chrome a safer, faster, and more reliable browser. The Windows version of Google Chrome uses the “Blink” browser engine to render web pages. The Blink is one of the most popular browser engines used by most modern web browsers.

Creative and interesting use of Google Chrome:

Like other web browsers, the main task of this browser is to let users browse websites, or view any resources available on the web. But there are several interesting features on this browser available, which makes it different from other ordinary web browsers. As said above, this browser has several built-in interesting features available. Now we are going to write the most useful and interesting use of Google Chrome. Let’s start with the common but important one.

Secret mode (incognito window):

Although it is one of the common features of the browsers and is known by regular users, still there are some users who are not aware of this security feature of the Chrome browser. The Incognito Window or also known as Private Browsing windows is a privacy feature that automatically removes all the browsing history and other data like cookies, log files, etc upon closing the browser. That means, the Incognito Window lets the user browse any website without storing local data and no one can retrieve that data after closing the browser.

In this private browsing mode, Now, you can even turn on the third-party cookies block option, and when on, the sites you visit can’t use cookies that track your activity on the web.


Chrome Incognito window

Most web browsers store user information of information such as browsing history, cookies, cache files, website passwords, credit card numbers, etc. But that information stored by a web browser is not as safe as you think. It can be accessed by cybercriminals in various ways. This data can be used to access user identity and privacy and the user’s secret data could be stolen.

But if you use the incognito windows to browse a website on the Chrome browser, the browser disables all the user-entered data, along with the data sent by the website. This incognito mode allows users to browse the web without storing local data on a computer or phone browser and the user can access any website without leaving his mark on the web.

You can activate the incognito window using different ways.

Method 1: If Google Chrome is already open on your PC, then you can simply use a keyboard shortcut to enter the incognito mode. Just press “Ctrl, Shift and N” (Ctrl+Shift+N) keys together on the keyboard. It will instantly open an incognito window or private window on your PC.

Method 2: Open the browser on your PC. Then click on the 3 vertical dots located on the top right corner of the browser window and click on the “New Incognito Window” option on the dropdown menu (see the screenshot below). Your Chrome private window will open immediately. 

Activate incognito window in Chrome


Method 3: Google Chrome also lets you open a hyperlink of any webpage directly in an incognito window mode. If you are visiting a website in normal mode and want to open a link of that site in an incognito window, just right-click on that link and select the option “Open Link in Incognito Window” from the context menu. The link will open in the incognito window.

There are several other ways to open the incognito Windows in Google Chrome. But the above-mentioned methods are very simple and easy to remember. The Incognito Window is more useful during online money transactions, shopping, etc.

Media Player:  

Do you know that Google Chrome can play different multimedia formats like image, audio, and several video formats? If you need a simple media player urgently and you don’t have it on your computer, then use Google Chrome. Google Chrome is always there for you to play your audio or video files, or to act as an image viewer. It is one of the most interesting uses of Google Chrome. It can play several audio file formats like MP3, MP4, etc, and video formats like MP4, WEBM video, 3GP Video, and several others.

You can also use Google Chrome as an image viewer app. Google Chrome supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and different other popular image formats.

To open any of these multimedia files, you can drag and drop a video or image file into a new tab to start playing or you can also select the “open with Google Chrome” option after right-clicking on the video or image. 

PDF Reader:

Actually, you don’t need any PDF reader to read PDF files on your computer if you have Google Chrome installed. Because it can read all PDF files and it has all the basic PDF handling features too. Google Chrome can be used as a simple PDF reader. To read a PDF file, just click on a PDF document and drag it to the Chrome window and drop the file on it. Or simply right click on the PDF file and select the “open with Google Chrome” option to view the PDF document.

You can zoom in or zoom out, you can go to a particular page, search any word, rotate the document clockwise, and you can easily print the PDF file using Google Chrome. Are not these are useful and interesting use of Google Chrome?

Use Google Chrome as notepad:

It is another interesting use of Google Chrome. If you have to write something urgently and you don’t have paper in your hand, and having any issue to open the word processor app, then you can use the Chrome browser. Just type this highlighted command “ data:text/html, <html contenteditable> ” in the Chrome address bar and it will let you use the browser tab as a notepad app.

No internet, play T-Rex:

See the image below. We all have seen this screen at some time. Whenever we see this screen, we all feel annoyed. Because it is visible in the browser window only when there is no internet connection or the browser unable to load the page you want to see.

T-Rex game in Chrome

It looks like sitting a small dinosaur and saying that “No Internet” there. Actually it is an endless runner game. It automatically shows up when your PC is offline. The name of the game is T-Rex Dino. I don’t know the exact purpose of this game but it is one of the best things to kill the time when there is no internet. Now, whenever you saw the little T-Rex dinosaur on your PC screen, just press the space bar on your keyboard and you will understand the rest of it. Just another interesting use of Google Chrome.

By the way, you can also play this game even you are online. Just type chrome://dino in the address bar of the Chrome browser and press Enter key. See the image below:

Play T-Rex game manually

Address Bar calculator:

The Chrome browser has several hidden features. Even you don’t need to download an add-on to use these features. There is another interesting use of Google Chrome browser available; Calculator. you can use the address bar the browser to perform simple numeric calculations when you are online. The ‘Address Bar’ is the area, where we can see the URL of a website. Just enter the sum you want to solve in the address bar and the result will be displayed below instantly. (See the screenshot below).

Calculator in Google Chrome


What to do on startup:

On the Chrome browser, you can set what task to do when the browser starts. Just go to the “settings” and click the “On Startup“. There are three options under the “On Startup” tab. See the image below:

Interesting Use of Google Chrome - Startup setting

If you want to open a blank new tab on launching the browser, then select the first option “Open the New tab Page” from the list. The second option lets you continue the tabs where you left off in the previous session. The last option is useful if you want to automatically load any website when you launch the browser. If you select the last option that is “Open a specific page or set of pages” then it lets you enter one or more web addresses which will automatically load when you open the browser next time.

Save web pages as PDF:

There is another most interesting use of Google Chrome available. Do you know that Google Chrome lets you save web pages as PDF? Yes, on Google Chrome, you can save any web page as PDF format very easily. Now, whenever you visit a website and want to save it as PDF, just click “Ctrl” and “P” keys (print command) together (Ctrl+P). After that, you will see the printing pop-up window. Then click the down arrow located at the top right the windows just next to the Destination and click Save as PDF in the drop-down menu and click Save at the bottom. (See the below screenshot)


How to save webpage as PDF on Chrome


Search without trying:

Actually, this feature called highlight and search and is also an interesting use of Google Chrome. Google Chrome allows you to search a word or a sentence directly from a webpage without typing it in the search box. Now whenever you are browsing a webpage and want to search a word or sentence of that site, just select and highlight the word and right-click on that and then select the option “Search Google for “…”.

Bonus tip:

If you want to open settings on Chrome, just type chrome://settings in the address bar and press the enter key. 

These are some creative and interesting use of Google Chrome. Also, there are several useful shortcuts available in the Chrome browser that will help you work faster on the browser. Additionally, if you want to download the latest version of Google Chrome for Windows PC, you can download it using the below download link.


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