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Firefox latest version for Windows

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and widely used free web browsers for PC. It is a lightweight and powerful web browser that loads pages faster and provides a smooth and secure web browsing experience. Here we are sharing the official download links to get Firefox for Windows PC. On this page, you can free download Firefox for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC free (for 32-bit and 64-bit). The latest release of Mozilla Firefox is version 94.0, released on November 02, 2021.

Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox is an open-source free web browser developed by Mozilla using chromium source code and uses the Gecko browser engine to render web pages. It is initially launched by Mozilla Corporation in 2004 and later, became one of the main competitors in the web browser industry. It is a quite popular web browser and according to, it was the second most used web browser for the desktop platform till the first of 2020. But, more recently, the new Microsoft Edge has taken the position of the second most popular browser for the desktop platform.

It is a cross-platform web browser that is available for all popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, iOS, etc. It is primarily known as Firefox Quantum. 

If you want to install the Firefox latest version on your Windows PC, here you can download its latest offline installer files for free. It has both 32 bit and 64-bit version installers available. These installers for Windows PC are 100% Safe and Secure and free.  Download Firefox for Windows PC now.

Features or Firefox Latest Version:

Mozilla Firefox has several essential built-in features like user privacy protection to protect user’s online privacy, provides online safety by protecting your computer from online phishing & malware attacks and other online threats, tracking protection, private browsing window to browse the internet without leaving your mark online and without worrying about revealing your identity online, password manager to easily store your password in a secure vault, etc.

It is a lightweight web browser. Therefore, it requires less system memory to run. The size of its offline installers is also smaller than other popular browsers. The size of its installer is just 50 MB and you can download it on your PC within a minute via a medium speed internet connection.

It also loads web pages faster. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox loads pages 2x faster and it is 30% lighter than the older version of Firefox and Chrome, as demanded by Mozilla.

Due to its very simple user interface, the user easily can access all the features and settings of the browser and is also able to customize it very easily.

It provides a simple and friendly interface to its users. It is easy to understand the browser window and navigate the browser. There are also several shortcut keys available to access different options of the browser.

It supports many browser plugins, add-ons, and themes, which extends its features and makes it more useful. You can install any add-on or extension directly from its official add-on page here.

User privacy is another great feature of the latest Firefox browser. It provides better tracking protection and lets the users control over online trackers and any third-party cookies that spy on user searches. Users can customize the content blocking options and can set it as standard, strict, and custom to allow or block all online trackers.

What’s new in Firefox 94.0

Firefox Version 92.0, first offered to Release channel users on November 2, 2021. This latest stable version of Firefox web browser introduced new features, bug fixes, and security fixes.

Some of the new features you can see in Firefox for Windows are as follows:

  • In Firefox 94.0, it displays a “pick your palette” overlay when you start the browsers and lets you select and apply it on your browser among six fun seasonal Colorways.
  • On Windows, there will now be fewer interruptions because Firefox won’t prompt you for updates. Instead, a background agent will download and install updates even if Firefox is closed.
  • Firefox macOS now uses Apple’s low power mode for fullscreen video on sites such as YouTube and Twitch. This meaningfully extends battery life in long viewing sessions.
  • To better protect all Firefox users against side-channel attacks such as Spectre, Firefox introduced Site Isolation. Site isolation aims to improve privacy and security significantly by isolating web pages and third-party iframes. You can check out Mozilla’s post here for all the details.
  • Firefox no longer warns you by default when you exit the browser or close a window using a menu, button, or three-key command.

How to install Mozilla Firefox on PC:

You can install this popular browser on a Windows PC very easily. First, download the appropriate version (required by your PC) of the latest Firefox installer file on your computer using the following official links. If your PC has a 32-bit processor, then download Firefox 32 bit installer, or download the 64-bit installer if your PC has a 64-bit processor.After completion of the download process, go to the download folder and find the setup file namely “Firefox Setup …exe”. Now double click on it and follow the next instructions.

Technical Details of the Application:

  • Title: Mozilla Firefox Quantum.
  • Developer/Publisher: Mozilla.
  • Category: Web Browser.
  • License: Open-Source/Free.
  • Version: 94.0 (Latest Version).
  • Language: English US.
  • Date of update: November 02, 2021

Download Firefox for Windows 10, 8, 7:

Download for Windows 32 bit, Size: 50 MB



Download for Windows 64 bit, Size: 51.8 MB


Firefox latest version for Mac OS:


The download links shared above to download the browser are fully secure and reliable. These are official download links, that let you download the Firefox installer directly from Mozilla’s FTP server. Download its latest version free for Windows PC and enjoy a hassle-free and secure internet browsing experience. 

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