4 Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows 11, 7 in 2022

Editing images is not as easy as you think if you do not have the proper knowledge about it. But it is easier if you have the right image editing software and basic knowledge of editing. There are lots of paid and free photo editing software available for PC, which could help you edit your image quickly and effortlessly. Here, we are writing about such 4 best free photo editing software for Windows. These are some of the great free photo editing app, which you can use for free without any limitation. Read the article and download the best free photo editing software for your Windows PC.

Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

Best Free Photo Editing Software:

Here is the list of 4 great photo editing software that allows you to retouch your photo and also to create stunning graphics without a Penny.


Download GIMP - Best Free Image Editor

The GNU Image Manipulation Program which is popularly known as GIMP is considered the best free photo editing software for Windows computers. It is a cross-platform free photo editor that is also available for other operating systems along with Microsoft Windows. Like Adobe Photoshop, this comprehensive photo editor also has too many useful photo editing tools and features. Therefore, it is also considered the best free alternative to the Adobe Photoshop program.

GIMP is an open-source program that offers high-quality and advanced image manipulation and composition features. You can use it for editing your photos, creating icons, producing graphical art and design, and mockups. It supports a wide range of image file formats. Additionally, GIMP supports several third-party plugins. Therefore, you can enhance its capabilities, and productivity, and customize it according to your requirement by installing these 3rd party plugins.

Since it is an advanced photo editing software, a new user may need some time to become familiar with GIMP.

Download GIMP for Windows using the links below.

Visit the GIMP Website.


Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

With lots of useful features and a simple user interface, PhotoScape lets you handle its tools easily. PhotoScape is a free photo editing software for Windows having basic but essential editing capabilities that let you create and retouch your images as required.

Some photo editing features of PhotoScape are Image resizing, adjusting brightness and color, white balance adjustment, backlight correction, creating frames, balloons, mosaic mode, adding text to photos, drawing images, crop images, clone stamp, effect brush, lots of filters, red-eye correction, paintbrush tool, Color Picker, etc. Some other best features of this program are it supports batch image editing, you can create an Animated GIF, Convert RAW to JPG, Screen Capture, Split photos into several pieces, Merge multiple photos into one, and several others. You can also use PhotoScape to view photos on your PC or create eye-catching slideshows.

You can use this best free photo editor without any charges. Another importance of this program is the developers of this program are always upgrading PhotoScape by adding new tools and features and making it more productive. It supports all the Windows versions including Windows ME to Windows 11 and is also available for Mac OS. The PhotoScape version designed for Windows 10 and Mac OS is called PhotoScape X which gives users advanced features like HDR, Magic color, and more.

You can download PhotoScape’s latest version on its website here.

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Paint.NET Download

If you need free photo editing software that is lightweight and full of photo editing features, then the Paint.Net is another best free photo editing software for your PC which is very small but effective compared to other free photo editors for PC. It is a very lightweight photo editor which less than 10 MB (installer) in size. It is very popular worldwide for its powerful features. Even though it was developed for MS Windows as a better and more professional replacement for Windows Paint program, Paint.NET is far better and has more advanced features than Windows Paint.

Paint.NET Window

Like the paid photo editors, it also provides several essential features, such as unlimited undo and redo, several special effects and filters, multiple layer support, brightness, and contrast adjust, a magic wand, eraser, etc.

It requires Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1 operating systems to run. You can visit the Paint.NET website here and download it directly from its official website using the below download link.

Download Paint.NET

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express

If you are expecting a free photo editor from a BIG brand like Adobe, here is one you can try. Photoshop Express is a free and cross-platform free photo editing software developed by Adobe Systems, the developer of industry-leading photo editor Adobe Photoshop. And therefore, Photoshop Express also gives you some editing experience like Adobe Photoshop. One of the noted features of this application is it is available for different operating systems and platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, etc for FREE.

Photoshop Express lets you access its tools and filters easily so that you can edit your image quickly. Use Photoshop Express for fast, powerful, and easy free photo manipulation. You can create photo collages by placing all your favorite photos on one page and uploading them to Facebook instantly.

The file formats supported by Photoshop Express are limited. It supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and RAW camera files. It has some important image editing features like one-touch auto adjustment, different types of effects, borders, and frames, Remove red-eye, Blemish removal, contrast and clarity control, and some others.

It requires Windows 8 or later versions of Windows. For more about it, you can visit its website here and download Photoshop Express from the Windows store here.

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These are the four best free photo editing software for Windows PC that you can use free of cost. These applications have several editing features so that you can edit or manipulate your images instantly. Even though we are writing about 4 different photo editors, we always prefer GIMP as the primary free image editor. It is one of the most popular free photo editing software that has almost all the features required by a professional photographer and graphics designer. GIMP is a bit harder for beginners to understand and work with, but is worth trying. After learning the use of tools and filters in GIMP, anyone can design amazing graphics or edit and retouch images easily like a pro.

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